Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Foot "Fur" Candy

What's a girl gotta do when you need to trek through some snow all day and don't want to ruin your UGGs? With a sudden trip to Tahoe this week, I realized I hadn't had a snow boot in years! After hitting up about 6 sports shops this week, my sad verdict on snow boots was that I'm never going to find one that's economical, light, warm and of course, waterproof. Gee, can it be that hard??

I saw so many brands from North Face to Alpine, and it was an eye opener to learn that my size was mostly sold out in these stores. Wow, Californians, are you all in ski country this week? I eventually came to the conclusion that great brands are too pricey (duh, how about the UGG tall boot for $240!) and the cheap ones had soles and sides made of plastic you feel like a robot in them!
I was dismayed that I'd never find "the one" and I'd end up having to sacrifice my poor light colored UGGs.

But alas, after dragging myself to Sports Authority in pouring rain, I finally met "it"!! A boot on sale for $59.99 and it's called the Kamik Brooklyn boot and the best thing is that it's very light, waterproof and cute. The design is similar to a North Face boot which was about $170. With very comfy fleece lining and a breathable membrane that lines the entire boot to keep it waterproof, this was a big winner!!!! I got one in black and it even came with extra baby pink shoe laces, so cute! You can buy this online at Sports Authority with no shipping fee this week (they only have brown online), but here's a better link that has a good photo of the exact one I got in black.

If you're headed to winter wonderland and need a cute winter boot, be sure to check the Kamik brands out.