Friday, October 29, 2010


I was thrilled earlier this year when I heard Tom Ford was releasing a private blend lipstick collection! But when I heard it was a limited release sold only at Bergdorf Goodman I was like WhatTF? (Ha, ha, a spin on Tom Ford). I frantically flipped thru my calendar to look for my next upcoming trip to NYC but realized Neiman Marcus now owns Bergdorf . Well it turns out they only carry a few colors and not the whole collection :-(

So a few months ago when I found a 30 min. break during a biz trip in the Big Apple, I hopped in a cab to head to the basement floor of Bergdorf, where all things makeup are so elegantly presented. Victory was had and I tried on 5 different colors, ended up loving "Pink Dusk" and "Blush Nude". Swooping up a total of 4 (some to use as gifts), I made it back to my conference in time. Talk about a shopping spree!! Now my "Pink Dusk" is an everyday fave and I can't express how smooth and luscious this lipstick feels. Not to mention the beautiful white/gold container it comes in. Coming to the West Coast sometime in Nov., these collections can finally be had in select Nordstrom stores too. Which color will you choose?

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